hot experience


        Last Sunday, not too long ago, or so it seemed to me, I decided to go to Tail restaurant.  My Malaysian friend named J.Well, who is one of my roommates, was kind enough to accompany me.  It was my second time dining at that particular restaurant. In my opinion it serves dishes that are very savory, despite the regularly priced menu. As you may or may not know, Tail is famous for its spicy delectable meals. With that being said, I was ready to awaken my senses.  By this time, I wanted to challenge my taste buds and go beyond all limitations. It is the reason why, I chose to order Medium hot. 

Even though, I knew I was taking a risk, all I could say was “Whoa, it’s quite delicious!”  It was so tasty that I could not stop eating.  After a while, it became extremely hot, leaving me feeling as though my mouth was on fire. I ate rice to restrain the flaming sensation and to keep me from sweating unconscious.  To great delight it made me feel better.  Unfortunately, I was not able to say the same for my friend.  Just looking at him sneezing from the food was comical.

Well, in the end, he could no longer stand the fiery food. He ran to buy mineral water to extinguish the hotness the food left behind. “Whoa, you remarkably beat me down, Kenney” J said, “ you are qualified to live in Malaysia where people are known for eating hot foods.”  He also said, “ Well it has been a long time since I have eaten spicy foods such as this, but I still feel  okay. This was truly hot.

However, to surprise, this was only just the beginning. When we arrived back at our dormitory, J told me his banana (male genital) was on fire while urinating. I found his comment to be hilarious. Sadly, I did not find it funny, when I started to feel the after effects from the food.  Later that night, while sleeping I could feel something terribly strange happening in my stomach.  The symptoms became worse the following day.  My stomach stirred intensely while I was in class. As soon as we had break ,I rushed to the restroom.  After finishing, instead of feeling relief, I felt unusual.  I felt my digestive tract also, known as my anus start to burn. The burn feeling you get when applying alcohol to a wound.  Before I could even begin to brace myself for what was going to happen next, my  body was already prepare to dispose of the very food I found delight in. “Nooo! “ I thought as,my whole ass had already extended, followed by “GOD!”  This went on for a while. Well, it seems it will be a long time before I eat hot food again.

                                                                                                                                    corrected by Danni








It was just on last Sunday. I went to Tail restaurant with my Malaysia friend who is one of my roommates, J. Well, it’s my second time to the regular price restaurant and  it’s very delicious. As you know Tail meal is famous as it’s spiecy and in this time I want to challenge the limition of my taste bud, therefore I choose middle hot. Whoa, it’s quite dilicious that I can’t stop eating but after a while it became very hot just like fire burned in my mouth. I ate more rice to make me feel better and sweating without conscious. Just looking my friend J he is sneezing with a funny looking. Well, in the end he cant stand anymore and ran out to buy mineral water. "whoa, you thoroughly beat me down, Kenney" he said "you are qualified to live in Malaysia where people eat hot." he said Well, it has been a long time to me to eat spicey like this, but I still feel OK,truly, it’s so hot. However, it was just a begining, when we back dormitory, J told me his banana(dick) was on fire while peeing. That’s really make me laugh. Well,it’s no good to me, either. I can still feel my stomach has something strange inside when sleeping. What’s worse, next day my stomach stirred instensely while being on class. As soon as on break, I rush to toilet. After finishing, there came something strange, a  weird feeling, I feel my anus start to burn and extend my whole ass………God! and it keep going on for a while. Well, it seems there will be a long time to me to eat hot.


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