1. Jack has just got a new job, but he never takes it ____.
He is ___of losing his job.
A, for granted, dangerous        B. ill, a great danger
C. seriously, in great danger       D. hard, dangerous
2.  How did you find him out?
I ____his name by chance on the list.
A. came down   B. came out   C. came up   D. came across
3   Some educators think it all right to be parents____
A. who take alone policy     B. to take alone policy
C. who takes a let-alone policy    D. take a let alone policy
4 Laptop computers are popular with students.
Yes. They can easily get access to the internet.
______,they will be able to use e-mail to speak with their teachers, classmates and families.
A. In addition  B. In other words  C. In a word  D. In case
5    The man was said to ____prison, but the other two_____
A. be put in, got up              B. go to, got off
C. be thrown into, got away        D. be sent in, got out
6  The man ____himself to his country,  the street was named after him _____his great devotion.
A. devoted, in case of                   B. dedicated, in honour of
C. applied, in need of                   D. determined, instead of
7 Look! The window was broken. Who did it?
____ Jack.
A. No other than     B. None other than   C. No less than   D. No more than
8 The truth turned out to be quiet _____. What we had thought.
A, other than   B. rather than   C. less than   D. more than
9 What a great weight Sarry felt_____ her mind _____ she learned she had passed the exam.
A. brought to, the moment                  B. left off, as soon as
C. taken off, immediately                   D. got off, every time
10 How did you spend your summer vacation?
____ I my friends went camping in the mountains but I spent most of my time in the library.
A. At times, as well as                      B. All times, including
C. Some time, together with                  D. Sometime, rather than
11 However hard he tried, the flyweight was _____ heavyweight.
A. no better than   B. no match for   C. matched against  D. not any the less
12 Jack refused to lend me a hand.
It is better look for help at the beginning ______ to wait until a busy period when everyone is ______.
A  other than, rushed off their feet          B   rather than, tied up
C  or rather, kept busy                   D   at other time, held up
13 _____ little water is hot enough for _____ many birds.
_____ little birds can not have ____ much.
A  Such, such, Such  B. So, so, So  C. Such, so, Such, so  D. So, so, Such, so
14 There was a shower, so we ran into a shop nearly to ____ the rain.
But you still got well _____ .
A.  take side in, all through          B. take shelter from, all over
C.  find shadow of, all out            D. take refuge from, all the same
15 We’ve worked out the plan, and now we must _____
A.  put it into practice               B. bring it to an end
C.  keep it in touch                 D. take it for granted
16 He ______ my warning.
A. pays no attention to, Show him out     B. takes no notice of, Let him be
C. shows no interest to, Help him out      D. makes nothing, Leave him alone
17 How did you manage to catch the train?
I took a taxi and just ____.
A. made it    B. fixed it     C. that was it   D. got it
18 I called you several times to inform you of it but couldn’t ______
A. get over  B. get to  C. get away   D. get through
19 The world tends to be lake of water.
Yes. Three quarters of the earth’s fresh water supply is still ____  in glacier (冰川) ice.
A. tied up  B. eaten up  C. put up  D. shut up
20  May we come in right now ?
Certainly, but two are allowed ______ .
A. at a time  B. at one time   C. in a while   D. for a while
21 Why did you stop the car ?
The petrol ______ .
A. gave out  B. used up  C. was run out  D. held up
22 What’s the matter with Tim ?
A letter from home ___ an attack of homesickness.
A. sent out   B. set out  C. sent off   D. set off
23 Why did he say so ?
Sorry, I don’t understand ____ he said means .
A. all what  B. what all  C. all that  D. that all
24 Look, your room is in a mess. You ____ all your books you’ve taken out after you finish using them.
A. must have put down                 B. may have put off
C. should have put away                D. need have put up
25 They had no difficulty paying off their debts.
A. No doubt   B. Not at all   C. No problem  D. None at all
26 The CEO ______ his speech with a funny joke.
A. kicked off  B. kicked up  C. kicked out  D. kicked down
27 Do you think Jack can pass the entrance examination ?
A. Out of place  B .Out of question  C. Out of the question  D .Out of order
28 Many western businessmen believe most Asians have become westernized in their general paint of view.
This is true ______ , I think.
A. in part   B. in all   C. in common   D. in time
29 I think you should phone and make an apology to her .
______ , it was her fault.
A. Not at all  B. No doubt  C Not possible   D No way
30 We can hardly imagine what great trouble they took _____ the trapped people from the burning building.
A. to save  B. saving  C. saved  D. have saved
31 Vegetables are sold _____ while eggs are _______________.
A. by the weight, by the dozen      B. by the pound, by dozen
C. by weight, by the dozen          D. by pound, by the dozen
32 _____ what great difficulty we had met in climbing up the mountain, the trip turn out to be fun.
A. Instead of   B .On the contrary   C.In spite of  D. As a result of
33 _____ the help of the policeman, we wouldn’t have found our way out.
A. If only    B. But for   C. Only if   D. Owing to
34 Jack got seriously injured in a traffic accident. How we wished he’d _____ after a few days’  treatment.
A. picked up   B. sent up   C. took up   D. set up
35 I’d like to ask you to lend me a hand.
________ ?
A. What if    B. What for   C. What about   D. How about
36 Before liberation, my grandparents were too poor to keep all the mouths fed, ____ send my father to school.
A. let alone   B. let out   C. or rather   D. no other than
37 If a child believes that he’s not capable of learning, he may think he is stupid because he doesn’t understand how to ____ his mental faculties ( 官能).
What you have said _______ .
A. make an effort to, has no reason      B. make the most of, makes sense
C. take charge of, sounds reasonable     D. have effect on, comes to the point
38 Don’t ______ anything to others for it is still under discussion.
A. give away   B. give out   C. give up   D. give off
39 May I use your pen for a while?
________ .
A. By all means  B. Not a little   C. Not in the least  D. All the same
40 The bookshelf fell down itself.
I know. You are ______ to blame.
A. in a way   B. in the way   C. in no way   D. by the way
41 Engaged in the research work, Johnson scarcely goes anywhere____ the research center.
A. except to   B. an condition that   C. in place of   D. in addition to
42 So glad to meet you all .
It’s a long time since you dropped in, Ketty, ____ ?
A. don’t you   B. didn’t you   C. am I right  D. isn’t it
43 ____ the students is able to work out such a problem in time.
A. Not all   B. Not every   C. Nobody   D. Not every one of
44 A challenge and___ an adventure are welcome whether you are young or old ____ swim across the English Channel.
A. somehow, make an effort        B. something like, on the attempt to
C. anything of, strive to           D. somewhat, with the purpose of
45 In England there are some very old schools, which were established _____ the 15th century.
A. as early as in   B. as early as   C. so early as    D. as early as
46 Just as too much harmony is tiresome in music, _____ .
A. the life of too many benefits annoys us
B. so, in life, too many benefits annoy us
C. we are annoyed with lives also of too many benefits
D. much benefits annoy us in life
47 Your brother, I think is old enough to know _______ to spend all his money on fancy good.
A. other than    B. rather than   C. better than    D. more than
48  To us students, there’s ______ a good book.
A. not as faithful friend as      B. no friend as faithful as
C. not so faithful friend as      D. not so faithful friend as
49 He had gone on business and would not return to the hotel until the next day. ( should have to wait till ______ ) could thank him for the present.
A. afterwards   B. than before   C. that   D. than therefore
50 This book will show you ____ can be used in other contexts.
A. how you have observed        B. how what you have observed
C. that you have observed         D. how that you have observed
51 The hunter must have been to the forest the other day, ______ ?
A. mustn’t he   B. hasn’t he   C. didn’t he   D. wasn’t he
52 ___ I got there alone, I was frightened.
A. At first   B. For the first time  C. First of all   D. The first time
53 Swimming is not something human beings are born _____ .
A. in     B. to   C. with       D. of
54 They won the first prize again . They succeeded _______ .
A. in working hard   B. by working hard  C. to work hard   D. in spite of hard work
55 He took the blind man ____ to cross the street .
A. by the arm   B. by his arm  C. with his arm   D. with the arm
56 _____ information has been _______ .
A. A large quality of , put into practice   B. A large quality of , put into use
C. Many a, put to an end               D. A plenty of, put up with
57 _____ , there will be an Australia-wide maths competition next month.
A. It’s certain   B.It’s sure    C. To be exact    D. It’s known
58 When you are traveling ____ , you often need to stay in a hotel .
A. if an business or for pleasure     B. whether an business or for pleasure
C. whether business or pleasure      D.. on business or for pleasure
59 Since you need to catch an early train tomorrow, we _____ now .
A. might as well leave  B. had better to leave
C  ought to have left    D should have to leave
60 The cost of distribution and sales make up a large part of prices that ____
A. are paid for all products     B. all products are paid for
C for which all products are paid   D. for all products are paid

答案: 1-5  CDAAB    6-10  BBACA     11-15   BBDBA
16-20  BADAA     21-25 ADBCD   26-30   ABADA
31-35  CCBAC   36-40  ABAAC    41-45  ADDBA
46-50  BCBBB    51-55  DDCBA    56-60  BCBAA

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