Brothel wants males to service women

《中英對照讀新聞》Brothel wants males to service women 妓院徵男妓服務女客


A Nevada brothel owner said she is hoping to begin offering male prostitutes for female clients by the middle of January.


Bobbi Davis, owner of the Shady Lady Ranch brothel in Nye County, said the Nevada State Health Division agreed to write men into the state codes governing prostitution earlier this month and she is scheduled to meet Jan. 5 with the Nye County Commission for final approval, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported Monday.


Davis said, if all goes as planned, she could add two men to her current stable of five female prostitutes the week after the meeting with the commission.


Several experts, including industry lobbyist George Flint, have already predicted failure for Davis’ venture. Flint said several brothel owners have attempted hiring men to service women in the past, but the gambles always failed.



write into︰片語,把~寫入、納入。例句︰The king wrote his record into the history books. (國王把自己的功業載入史冊。)

if all goes as planned︰片語,如果一切順利。例句︰If all goes as planned, space shuttle Atlantis will lift off Monday.(如果一切順利,「亞特蘭提斯號」太空梭將在週一升空。)

in the past︰片語,在過去。例句︰ The Fed now faces greater political pressures than at any other time in the past.(聯準會現面臨比過去任何其他時候更龐大的政治壓力。)

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